Meditation and breathing are two strategies to help relax, regain focus, or deal with stress. There are several options available to students to learn these strategies.

  • Yoga group fitness class

    Group Fitness

    Recreation Service's Group Fitness offers several classes themed around focus and breathing. Sunrise Yoga, Wellness Yoga, and Yoga Flow are great options.

  • Biofeedback


    Biofeedback is a learning tool available at Student Counseling Services that helps us observe the body’s physiological responses to everyday events. Once we are aware of these stress reactions, we can learn to change our body’s response through biofeedback training, which often results in greater relaxation, focus, and healthier coping strategies.

    The Biofeedback program is open to all students currently enrolled in classes. To start your biofeedback experience, visit SCS during business hours and complete a video-based orientation. After completing the orientation, you can come back any time during business hours to continue using biofeedback services.

  • College student in lecture, looking tired

    Sleep Well

    Sleep Well is a four week, self guided sleep program focused on enhancing student sleep through engaging in sleep hygiene behaviors. Every week, students will watch brief sleep education videos, and focus on an action plan to improve their sleep habits.

    All students who finish the entire sleep well program will be entered into drawings each semester for incentives!

  • cy using tao

    TAO App

    The Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) App has, among many topics, modules concerning mindfulness and sleep.