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Collegiate Recovery Program
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Safer Partying
Recovery Coaching
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Collegiate Recovery Program

Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) is a peer support-based program to provide and connect folks in recovery or seeking recovery from chemical and/or behavioral addiction (such as substance use, gambling, gaming, and more) to the necessary services, resources, and opportunities to help them thrive at ISU.

The mission of Collegiate Recovery Program is to be support-based and student-focused to provide and connects students in recovery or seeking recovery to the support resources and substance free spaces necessary to achieve their optional level of academic success and wellbeing. 

  • The Collegiate Recovery Program is NOT the following:
    • CRP is not treatment. However, we can connect you to treatment options available on campus and in the community. 
    • CRP is not a crisis service or 24/7 support service.  However, we can connect you with crisis services available on campus and in the community.
    • CRP is not 12-step based. CRP can connect students to 12-step based programs in the community if they are interested. Students can be involved in community 12-step based programs and also participate in any CRP support services on campus. We want students to be connected with and utilize any and all resources that will help them be successful at ISU.

The ISU Collegiate Recovery Program (CRP) has been accredited by the Association for Recovery in Higher Education’s Standardized Review for Collegiate Recovery Advancement as a “Fully Reviewed Program”.

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Peer Support Meetings

ISU’s All Recovery Meetings are weekly peer-support meetings for students who are looking to gain more independence from substances and other addictive behaviors. Meetings are semi-structured and facilitated by graduate students. We welcome all students in their path of recovery! Whether you’re a student who has been in recovery for years, or a student who is experiencing more bad things than good from drinking, there’s a seat for you. All Recovery offers connection, validation, and the opportunity to learn or teach others.

No need to reserve a spot or contact us before, feel free to just stop by! All Pathways to Recovery are Welcome!

All Recovery meetings are in the Be Well Space (2030 Student Services Building).

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Safer Partying

Let’s Be Frank and Party Smart campaigns are a collaboration between Iowa State University and the City of Ames. We want your party to be a good experience for you, your guests, and the community. So whether you are a “party thrower” or “party goer”, use this guide and information below to help you reduce your risk of alcohol-related consequences personal, community, and legal.

Recovery Coaching

ISU’s Collegiate Recovery Community offers one-on-one Recovery Coaching, where students can meet with College Recovery Staff to discuss goals and strategies for the academic year. Possible goals include increasing independence from substance or behavioral addiction, incorporating more wellness into your life, or creating a study plan to keep up with academics. Students are also able to be a part of Recovery Coaching and use any of the other resources within the Collegiate Recovery Community, or they can choose to only be a part of Recovery Coaching if that best suits them.

Schedule a Recovery Coaching Meeting in Navigate

Recovery Ally Training

Student Health and Wellness offers a 90 min recovery ally training for faculty, staff, and students focused on how to support students in recovery or seeking recovery.

In order to create an atmosphere of acceptance and empowerment for students who are in or considering recovery, Recovery Ally training provides an overview of what recovery means and what it looks like to build a recovery positive environment for students in or seeking recovery and to help them feel a greater sense of belonging.

Topics Covered include:

  • Understand the complex nature of substance use disorder
  • Confront stigma regarding substance use disorders and recovery
  • Be able to effectively listen and respond to those who express needs using supportive language
  • Define the multiple pathways approach to achieving wellness in recovery
  • Know available recovery support resources and how to access them

Sign up for training or request group training here.

Recovery on Campus (ROC) – Faculty and Staff Connection

A group that brings together ISU faculty and staff who identify as being in recovery (or allies of the recovery community) from behavioral and/or chemical addiction and provides opportunities for them to collaborate on initiatives with CRC.

Email rdoyle@iastate.edu to learn more and get connected!

Confidential Screening Tools

Free, brief, and confidential screening tools to measure your substance use behaviors and get some personalized feedback and connection to resources

Cyclone Support Self-Assessment

Alcohol Use

Cannabis Use