Iowa State University Recreational Services is dedicated to promoting health and wellness through recreational activities for individuals of all ages. Our youth camps are designed to engage children in a variety of sports, games, and outdoor adventures while fostering personal growth and development. We offer swimming lessons and summer youth camps with opportunities for kids of a variety of ages to learn, grow, and be active!

Youth Camp registration will open at 11am on March 19. Registration Link

When registering, please register using the parent/guardian’s account, and not the youth’s account. Only dependents of members, ISU Employees, those who have an ISU Affiliation, or students are eligible at this time. To register for Youth Camps, please click the “sign-in” button, then select “ISU Net ID” to login utilizing OKTA.

Iowa State Recreation Services Youth Camps are designed for participants aged 7-12 wanting to discover new sports, be active, and have fun! Age group registration is determined by participants age at the start of the week, for example if participant is turning 10 at the start of week 3, please sign them up for ages 10-12 for weeks 3-7, and ages 7-9 for weeks 1 and 2. Groups are co-ed and broken out by age at the start of the week. Basic instruction in various sports and activities are given at State Gym, Beyer Hall, or outdoor locations on-campus (these camps are not associated with Iowa State Athletics). Each week is Monday – Friday from 7:45am to 4pm. Registration is week to week (please add each week you would like to sign your dependent up for to your cart before checkout).

Participants need to bring:

-Active Wear (including closed-toed shoes)

-Water bottle


-Swimsuit and towel

-Sack Lunch (every camper will need to provide their own lunch- items that need to stay cool must be kept in a lunch container, and they will not have access to a refrigerator or microwave)


Keeping each participant safe is our top priority. Parents/guardians will be immediately notified in case of serious accidents/incidents. For all accidents/incidents, the Youth Camp Supervisor will document the situation to discuss with the parent/guardian upon pick-up. Please note that our camp staff will not be allowed to administer medication to campers. Should a participant require medication during camp, a note should be provided to the supervisor at drop-off. Participants will be responsible for keeping and taking their own medication with oversight from camp staff. Occasionally, treats/candy may be given as awards for displaying camp values. To help ensure the safety of our participants, please remind us if your child has any food allergies.

Late Fee:

After 4:15pm, if your child has not been picked up, a $10 fee will be charged. You will be responsible for paying this same day.


Both Youth and Parent/Guardian have a membership: $200

Parent/Guardian has a membership, Youth does not: $220

Neither Parent/Guardian nor Youth have a membership: $240

With additional questions, please contact Katie Todd at

See our Registration Link for complete list of available sessions