How to Submit Insurance Information

You may submit insurance information in any of the following three ways:

  1. Scan and email to: 
  2. Drop off at the Student Health Center, corner of Union drive and Sheldon Avenue 
  3. Mail to: Student Health, ATTN: Insurance Information, Thielen Student Health Center, 2647 Union Drive, Ames, Iowa 50011-2029

Everyone Needs Health Insurance

Unfortunately, unexpected accidents and illnesses happen, and students without comprehensive health insurance are more likely to drop out of school due to financial needs due to health-related bills.

The student health fee ensures the availability of high quality and accessible health care to the Iowa State student community by helping support the overall costs of the health center. However, the health fee is not health insurance, nor does it provide free access to health care

Health insurance can be a confusing system, particularly if you are receiving medical care on your own for the first time. Wellmark provides a quick-start guide to understanding the common terms used in health insurance. Staff at Thielen will also be happy to explain anything you don't understand at the time of service.

Without insurance coverage you will be responsible for the full cost of your visit.

It is important to remember to:

  • Check with your insurance provider before coming to TSHC to find out if you will be responsible for any portion of the charges. See this list for questions to ask your current health insurance company.
    • If you have HMO insurance, and would like the cost of your visit to be covered by your insurance, you will need to make Thielen Student Health Center your primary care provider.  This may not be an option for all HMOs.
    • Employer plans often limit coverage to emergency room care while you are out of the plan area and you may need to take time away from school and return to your hometown for treatment.
    • Some plans have narrow provider networks and as a result it may be difficult to access key services such as mental health.
    • Please be aware that if you have not met your deductible for your insurance policy, your insurance company may not cover the cost of your visit at the health center and you will be responsible for the charges.
  • Keep your current health and pharmacy insurance information on file with the health center, so that charges will be billed properly. If your parent or guardian changes jobs, this is a good time to make sure that you update your insurance!
  • Thielen is not a Medicare provider, and therefore, is not able to see patients with Medicare insurance.
  • Thielen is unable to accept non-Iowa Medicaid plans. You are welcome to be seen by our providers; however, you may be responsible for charges incurred. (To check eligibility and options please visit:

Student and Scholars Health Insurance Program (SSHIP)

Even if you already have health insurance you should investigate the Student and Scholars Health Insurance Program designed specifically for Iowa State University students. With ISU SSHIP Insurance, most services are 100% covered, including routine medical services, lab and diagnostic x-ray services, allergy immunizations and desensitization and mental health office visits.

Health Insurance Resources

Billing Process

If a student has health insurance or pharmacy insurance information on file with the clinic, Thielen will bill the insurance company for any charges that the student incurred while at the health center. Any charges that are not covered by the insurance company will be transferred to the student’s U-Bill.

All charges from Student Health will go to the student's U-Bill and can be paid through the student portal Access Plus. Charges for services provided at Student Health can be billed to your health insurance carrier and pharmacy prescription insurance. If choosing to have services billed to insurance first, the remainder of your fee will go directly onto the U-Bill.

Students can also pay in-person at Thielen. Their U-Bill will then be credited for the amount that has been paid off.

Sliding Fee Discount Program

This Sliding Fee Discount Program (SFDP) is designed to provide discounted medical services to actively enrolled students at Iowa State University (henceforth called “patients”) who have no means, or limited means, to pay for their medical services (Uninsured or Underinsured). The SFDP does not apply to those services or equipment that are purchased from external providers and vendors, including reference laboratory testing, medications from the TSHC pharmacy, and other such services, or to travel clinic services.

The sliding fee is intended to be the payor of last resort. All charges must be submitted to applicable insurance prior to application of the sliding fee scale. Patients who elect not to have certain types of charges sent through insurance are not eligible to have the sliding fee scale applied to those charges.

In some circumstances, a withdrawn student or recent graduate may continue to receive care from the Mental Health Department for purposes of continuity of care.  In such cases the requirement to be actively enrolled may be waived and the Sliding Fee Scale applied for mental health visits.

Certain services that are deemed elective and/or involve external providers and vendors are not eligible for a sliding fee discount.

  • Lab tests performed by Reference Labs (tests that Thielen sends out for completion)
  • Medications from the Thielen pharmacy (either prescription or OTC)
  • Services provided by the Travel Clinic

Sliding Fee Discount Application

Sliding Fee Discount Program Policy

Billing Questions

Thielen Student Health Center has partnered with Medical Healthcare Solutions, Inc. to provide insurance billing services. If you have questions about billing for services provided at Thielen Student Health Center, you may call MHS directly at (978) 289-1178. Additionally, you may stop by the Insurance and Billing desk during clinic hours. The desk is located near the reception counter at the Health Center.