Employment with Recreation Services offer students flexible hours, valuable work experience, and competitive hourly wages. Over five hundred students are employed as sports officials, lifeguards, office assistants, climbing wall attendants, and building attendants. Undergraduate and graduate students desiring to work in this healthy and enjoyable environment can apply using the links below.

Please be aware that all new hires must complete an I-9 form on or before the first day of employment. The I-9 form is used by the government to verify your identity and employment authorization. Employers must submit this information before their employees start working to ensure they are eligible to work. If you are interested in working for Recreation Services, be sure to bring appropriate documentation with you to campus to complete the I-9 Form. Appropriate list documentation can be found here. Be sure to note, that these documents must be in their original form as copies are not allowed.

Recreation Services, under the umbrella of Iowa State University, is an equal opportunity employer and upholds the Principles of the Iowa State Community. Undergraduate students are encouraged to apply by April 1st for Summer/Fall employment, by August 1st for Fall Semester employment, and by November 1st for Spring Semester employment. Graduate students can expect information on employment for the following year to be updated in early fall.

Position Descriptions & Application Forms

Facility Attendants work in State Gym, Lied Recreation Center and Beyer Hall.  They provide supervision to our facilities, assist with the normal day to day use of the facilities, and provide equipment to the patrons who enter our facility.

Responsibilities include:

  • Attend Fitness spaces, hourly rounds of Facility, Enforce Recreation Services Policies
  • Perform daily tasks including, but not limited to, laundry, weight organization, and facility counts
  • Work with other student workers to ensure safety in the Recreation Services Facilities

Facility Attendant Application

For questions, contact Jack Stevenson, 515-294-2929, jhs1@iastate.edu

Rec Services Lifeguards work in State and Beyer Pools. Lifeguards are responsible for the overall safety of all patrons and guests; in addition to checking pool chemicals during their shifts. All applicants must be currently certified in Lifeguarding, First Aid, and CPR/AED-PR. We recognize American Red Cross Certificates and Jeff Ellis & Associates Certifications.

Responsibilities include:

  • Activating Emergency Action Plan (EAP) should the situation require it
  • Enforce pool specific policies

Lifeguard Application

For questions, contact Katie Todd, 515-294-42564, ktodd1@iastate.edu

Recreation Services manages 110 acres of athletic grounds that are used by intramurals, sport clubs and several other outside groups throughout the spring, summer and fall. Main part of this Job is to maintain fields to the highest standard for all users.

Responsibilities include:

  • General upkeep of outdoor facilities that include but not limited to: Mowing, edging, marking and painting athletic fields, irrigation repair, setting up for events, and similar miscellaneous tasks.
  • Must be able to safely operate turf equipment and be able to work independently


  • Must have a clean Driving Record
  • Able to lift 50 lbs

Turf Management Maintenance Application

For questions, contact Brent Cunningham, 515-294-4247, brentc@iastate.edu.

Assist Area mechanics and Facility mechanic with the completion of work orders and perform other assigned tasks within Lied Recreation Center, State Gym and Beyer Hall.

Responsibilities include:

  • Background knowledge of electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems
  • Perform preventative maintenance on various types of equipment while using hand and power tools in a safe manner
  • Complete work orders in a timely manner and the ability to work unsupervised


  • Ability to work on a ladder or on a lift
  • Ability to work in confined spaces

Indoor Facility Maintenance Application

We are not currently taking applications for the Indoor Facility Maintenance position.

For questions, contact Brent Cunningham, 515-294-4247, brentc@iastate.edu.

Intramural referees are facilitators of fun who referee various sporting events (flag football, basketball, volleyball, etc.) to ensure a safe, fair, and fun atmosphere is provided to all participants. Knowledge of the sport(s) you will be officiating is preferred but ultimately not always required.

Responsibilities include:

  • Work as part of a team of referees to officiate intramural games to enforce intramural rules, policies, and procedures
  • Interact with your peers throughout games and handle any potential complaints/issues/problems as they arise
  • We work around your schedule of when you can work! You can also still play on an intramural team as well (in fact, it is encouraged!)

Intramural Sports Referee Application

For questions, contact Kourtney Graham, 515-294-4774, graham17@iastate.edu.

Fitness Instructors are nationally certified to lead and instruct fitness classes to individuals with multiple fitness levels.

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Cue, plan and organize fitness class components and choreography.
  • Create a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone in a fitness class.
  • Provide high quality customer service and motivation techniques to class participants.

If you are currently certified use this application: Fitness Instructor Application

Those that are not certified and want to become a fitness instructor must first complete the Learn To Teach program. More information about our trainings and registration are available on our Learn to Teach/Train webpage.

For questions regarding Group Fitness Instructors, contact Muriel Hyndman, 515-294-3234, mhyndman@iastate.edu.

Personal Trainers are nationally certified to help clients reach their health and fitness goals.

Responsibilities Include: 

  • Conduct knowledge and skill based fitness assessments.
  • Design progressive exercise programs for one-on-one or small group exercise sessions.
  • Provide high quality customer service and motivation techniques to all clients.

If you are currently certified use this application: Personal Trainer Application

Those that are not certified and want to become a personal trainer must first complete the Learn To Train program. More information about our trainings and registration are available on our Learn to Teach/Train webpage.

For questions regarding Personal Trainers, contact Nora Hudson, 515-294-6905, nhudson@iastate.edu.

Employees of Adventure Programs provide quality customer service to participants in a variety of areas including the Equipment Rental Program, Rock Climbing Wall, Leading Trips, and Teaching Workshops. Upon hire, employees first semester is spent training and on the sub list.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Rent equipment and register participants for trips and workshops at the Equipment Rental Desk
  • Supervise participants at the Rock Climbing Wall in State Gym
  • Lead and teach participants on a variety of trips and workshops throughout the year

Adventure Staff Application

For questions regarding all aspects of the Adventure Program, contact Justin Stout, jstout@iastate.edu.

Marketing Specialists at Recreation Services are in charge of the creating all photo, video, print, website, social media content for ISU Recreation Services. We look for eager, hard-working students to join our marketing department and provide fresh ideas to help achieve our goals.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Design high quality materials for all ISU Recreation Services program areas.
  • Manage @ISURecS social media accounts including: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Work set office hours every week. Photographers and videographers may have a flexible schedule.
  • Be comfortable collaborating and encouraging peers on a day-to-day basis.

We are not currently taking applications for the Marketing Specialist. Please check Access Plus for any future updates.

Photographer/Graphic Designer Application

For questions, contact Raymond Schmidt, 515-294-6844, rschmidt@iastate.edu

The Member Services Associate will enjoy a fun work environment while gaining experience in business related skills and building career competencies in communication, professionalism, critical thinking and problem solving, intercultural perspectives, and more!

The Member Services Associate serves as the first point of contact in Recreation Services’ Administrative Office. This position is responsible for delivering a premier experience when engaging with students, faculty, staff, and the Ames community. In this role, you will serve as an expert in account maintenance and member/guest engagement.

Responsibilities include:

  • Answer phones
  • Processing incidental sales such as: memberships, locker rentals, personal training sessions, Intramural fees, etc.
  • Activate new ISU Cards
  • Verify membership eligibility
  • Run and analyze business reports
  • Completing office-related tasks (e.g., filing, making copies, and data entry)
  • Assist Recreation Services professional staff

Member Services Associate Application

We are currently hiring for a Member Services Associates. Please click the link above to fill out an application.

For questions, contact Laura Bittner, 515-294-0654, lbittner@iastate.edu.

The gaming room attendant is a critical component within the gaming room who is responsible for the overall supervision of the room and equipment. They are responsible to check out games/equipment, keep the facility organized, and maintain a safe and positive environment for all patrons. Occasional maintenance/updates on equipment within the facility may be required of the game room assistant when needed.

  • Hours vary but may include days, nights, and/or weekend shifts
  • Attendants must be able to work a minimum of 2 shifts per week (around 5-6 hours/week)

Responsibilities include:

  • Enforce Recreation Service’s code of conduct and rules of the gaming room
  • Monitor the game room and users
  • Check out equipment such as games, controllers, keyboards, etc.
  • Assist patrons with setup/instructions on equipment use when needed
  • Keep the game room clean and organized
  • Sanitize equipment when necessary
  • Assist in maintaining inventory of games/systems/equipment/supplies
  • Assist in repairing/updating equipment when instructed
  • Notify supervisor of any equipment issues/repairs that may be needed
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Must be a currently enrolled Iowa State student (in good standing)
  • Knowledge of video games and systems is strongly preferred
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to work independently
  • Ability to problem-solve and use conflict resolution skills

Esport Assistant Application

For questions, contact Nathan Pick, 515-294-4186, ndpick@iastate.edu

Youth Program Supervisor: Supervision and set-up over daily Youth Program activities which includes assigning program assistants to their spots, training assistants, evaluating assistants, enforcement of Youth Programs policies and procedures, providing support and leading programs, and enacting the emergency action plan. Must also possess a general knowledge of the rules as well as the ability to set-up these activities, as well as prepare for the next day’s activities.

Youth Program Assistant: Youth Program Assistants are facilitators of fun who assist with various sporting events/activities (flag football, basketball, volleyball, etc.) to ensure a safe, fair, and fun atmosphere is provided to all participants. Knowledge of the sport(s) you will be helping with is preferred but not always required.

Application review is dependent on staffing needs. We will reach out to applicants based off current employee availability.

Apply Here