The vast majority of services offered by Student Health and Wellness are offered at no additional cost to students*. This does not mean that those services are "free" - students are assessed several fees each semester as part of their required tuition and fees. Payment of those fees grants access to various services on campus, including many of the services offered by Student Health and Wellness.

Some services are available to faculty and staff of Iowa State University, although those individuals may be required to pay a fee for access.

In general, "student" refers to an individual who is enrolled for classes during the current or upcoming semester and who does not have a hold on their university account.

Exceptions and Clarifications

As outlined in Fees, Insurance, and Billing, the student health fee paid by each student at Iowa State University allows Thielen to offer office visits at no cost to students. However, there is a cost associated with additional medical services or to receive prescription medication. Services that incur an extra cost will be billed through insurance.

All students are eligible to use any of the services offered at Thielen.

Depending on the patient's medical insurance policy, they may be required to first receive a referral before beginning physical therapy treatment at Thielen. 

Students are free to have any prescription filled at Thielen's onsite pharmacy - even if the prescription wasn't written by a provider at Thielen.

Faculty and staff of Iowa State University may use Thielen's pharmacy or receive physical therapy treatment, but may not use any other service at Thielen.

Membership to Recreation Services is granted to students who were assessed the Activity, Services, Building & Recreation Fee - this fee is assessed to the vast majority of students. In some instances, an enrolled student is not automatically assessed the Activity, Services, Building, & Recreation Fee. To gain access to Recreation Services facilities and programs, those students will need to request to have the fee assessed by the Registrar’s Office. 

Enrolled Students are NOT eligible to purchase a membership directly from Recreation Services. All current students wanting a membership must be assessed the Activity, Services, Building & Recreation Fee. 

Access to Recreation Services generally begins shortly before the beginning of the semester the student is enrolled for and end shortly after the semester concludes. This means that students do not have access during the summer, unless they are enrolled in summer classes and paid the Activity, Services, Building & Recreation Fee for the summer semester.

Iowa State University employees (including retirees), non-enrolled students, and university affiliates* are also eligible to become members of Recreation Services, but must pay a membership fee. 


Clinical services are offered to enrolled students of Iowa State. Consultation services are offered to students, faculty, staff, and parents. 

Students who are under 18 years old may be requested to obtain the written permission of a parent or guardian to receive treatment. Such students may be seen for an assessment without written parental release.