Student Wellness at Iowa State University provides leadership in university strategy for health promotion and provides support programs aimed at creating a campus culture of wellbeing so that all students can thrive. 

Student Wellness plans, implements, and evaluates health education and prevention strategies that focus on health and wellness issues that directly affect student success, higher learning, and personal development such as: power-based personal violence, suicide, mental health, substance use, body image and disordered eating, sexual health, and more.

The majority of Iowa State students respect their peers who seek support for their mental and emotional wellbeing.

National College Health Assessment, Fall 2021

Training Opportunities

Participating in a training is an excellent way to take a proactive approach to the wellness of not only yourself, but also your community.

Get Involved

Student Wellness provides excellent opportunities for students who want to support their peers to get involved! There are many internships, groups, or committees you can join to help make a difference in the Iowa State University community.